Indian Deco Chic

Bati Orient Warm organic deco

Warm organic deco

Style : Warm natural shapes

Indian decoration has no equal to make us travel. With it, "kitsch" becomes chic! We put in this decoration on the floral fabrics of yesterday  and the mix of materials: terracotta, silk, wood and small golden objects. Drapes and rugs are not left out to adecorate the interiors. Rounded shapes and arabesques complete this style of a thousand and one colors.

Beauty of organic and soft materials

Beauty of organic and soft materials

Colors :

Peppers, saris and fabrics reveal undulating and luminous colors, with warm tones that bring joy and contemplation

Materials :

To warm up the atmosphere, combine organic textures, cotton, whool, with warm colors.. The combination of these natural and warm fibers is one of the main hallmarks of the india chic style.

Beauty of organic and soft materials

Products associated to the India Deco Chic style

Ceramic inspiration : Placed on the floor, or walls.On a backsplash, the whole thing will be to play on natural colors and texture by associating them with refined, graphic and organic shapes.

By use :

By Color :

By shape :

By size :

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